Blender Repair Enquiry Form

Our aim is to provide the best after-sales experience our customers could hope for.  We aim process your claim within a few hours and get your unit repairs within 24 hours of receiving it.  Please note that during COVID-19, repairs might take slightly longer than usual.

If you own a commercial Blendtec blender please fill out our commercial repair form.

Please only fill the below motor base repair form if:

1) the motor base no longer powers on

2) there is a defect with the touch pad

3) The lcd has an issue

For everything else, please fill out our jar replacement form as 99% of the time, the defect one might assume indicate a motor base issue, is actually a jar issue.  If you think this is not the case with your unit, please fill out the jar replacement form anyway and provide more details in the comments field.

Special Offer: Upgrade your Blendtec blender for a good cause

Do you have a unit built before June 2015? Then we're glad to let you know that all our new Blendtec units are quieter, run cooler and have loads of great features such as touchscreen displays or even an ultra-silent sound enclosure. Your old Blendtec blender will be serviced and, where possible, will go towards helping one of the many charitable causes that we support.  To take advantage of this, please do not fill out the below form and instead simply purchase the new blender in our store and write in the comments that you would like to trade in your old unit.  We will then send out the new blender together with a returns shipping label for your old unit.  Once we receive the defective unit we'll refund you the below discounts.

£ 150 discount on a new Professional 800

£ 125 discount on a new Designer 725 & Professional 750

£ 100 discount on a new Designer 650, Designer 625 and Total Blender

£ 75 discount on a new Classic 575

PLUS 20% discount on any jars and accessories you purchase at the same time.