Social Media Influencers wanted

Do you run a blog or social media channel and would like to use a Blendtec unit as part of your blog activities?

We offer our units out on short and long term loan – completely free of charge to you and with the option of purchasing your unit at a steep discount should you so wish, provided we are satisfied with the gained exposure. Interested? Then please fill in the form below.

Blogger Loan Form

Blendtec Blogger Guidelines/Terms and Conditions

Blendtec UK blogger activities are handled by LUBA Distribution Ltd.  As such the contract is between LUBA Distribution Ltd and yourself.

The following terms and conditions must be agreed to in order to have a Blendtec on loan from us:

• You must post a piece of content that shows a recipe you have made in the Blendtec ideally every 2 weeks. We will however, with prior agreement, accept 2 pieces of content to be posted on your blog every calendar month.

• Each piece of content must contain at least one image which shows the recipe being made in the Blendtec, or the Blendtec jar and logo being clearly visible to show that the recipe has indeed been made in a Blendtec.

• Each piece of content shared on your accompanying social media channels/platforms must state that recipe in the post was made in a Blendtec and ideally link to our social media accounts so we can see your post.  We may share your posts with our community.  To link/tag us, please see below:
Twitter – @BlendtecUK #BlendtecUK

Facebook –

Instagram – @BlendtecUK

Pinterest – @BlendtecUK

YouTube –

• When you have put a piece of content up on your blog/website that adheres to the above, please email us via [email protected] with a link to the content. This will enable us to track your content accordingly and provide assistance where needed.

• LUBA Distribution Ltd retains title of the unit(s) on loan while they are in your possession.  LUBA Distribution Ltd reserves the right to ask that units be returned to them upon request at any time.  You have 30 days from said notice to return the goods. As such you can be held liable should the unit(s) be lost, stolen, excessively damaged or not returned. Unreturned items will be invoiced to you at the prices noted below (less 15% discount).

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