Performance, Design and Functionality

When you see a Blendtec blender in action, it’s only half the story. Every single component has been designed, redesigned, sweated over, tested, retested and put through the most rigorous paces you could imagine. And every smallest detail has a specific purpose and story of its own.  Below is a short list of what makes Blendtec blenders so good – over time you’ll notice many more features that your Blendtec blender has to make your daily blends even more enjoyable.


Feature #1: Curves in All the Right Places

When you set out your Blendtec jar to dry, you’ll get some extra help from gravity. Its curved bottom and drain holes make air-drying much more effective, which extends the life of your jar.

Ablauflöcher helfen dem Blendtec Behälter schneller zu trocknen


Drain holes help your Blendtec jar dry completely.

Nur ein/zweimal abwischen und Ihr Blendtec Mixer sieht wie neu aus.


Just a wipe or two and your Blendtec blender looks good as new.

Feature #2: Spend Time Blending, Not Cleaning

Blendtec blenders are smooth all around—from the sides of the housing to the electronic controls.

So cleanup is as simple as a wipe or two.

Plus, control areas are sealed and protected from liquids.

Feature #3: Talk to Me

Blendtec blenders feature a digital display that tells you just how long to wait until your blend is done. It also keeps track of your usage.

It’s surprisingly fun to watch your number of blend cycles go up.

When you reach 1,000 cycles, celebrate by making a smoothie you’ve never tried before.

Informative Bedienoberfläche


The display on a Blendtec indicates blend cycle time remaining and number of cycles completed.

Motor 1.5in stack copy

Feature #4: Power for the People

When it comes to making milkshakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, peanut butter and other thick blends, you’ll appreciate the extra power Blendtec offers. So what makes a Blendtec blender so powerful? It’s all in the motor.

Place our armature (the spinning part of the motor) next to one from a low-powered blender, and it’s easy to see which one would win a fight. Our commercial-grade motors are rated at 1560 watts & 1800 watts —more than 4 times the rating of lower-powered blenders! To look at it from another perspective, a standard washing machine motor is rated at about 920 watts, while a shop vacuum and microwave are rated at approximately 1000 watts.

All of that power creates a lot of heat. We cool the motor using a specially designed seven-bladed fan. The fan blades are unevenly sized and spaced, eliminating the resonance effects (which create a loud noise) common in standard fans. This allows us to keep the motor cool with a minimum of fan noise.

AoBMaster File9.26.12 01


Steel on steel coupling for ultimate reliability and direct power transfer.

We mount the armature using two carbon steel bearings, in contrast to the bronze bushings used in most low-power blenders. Bearings are quieter than bushings, allow for higher speeds, and provide longer life.

So, is it really necessary to have such a big motor? If all you plan on doing with your blender is mix relatively soft ingredients, then maybe not. But if you want to crush ice and frozen fruit, blend grain into flour, turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar or make soup in seconds, then you need a high-powered blender.

Feature #5: Easy to Clean, Easy to Love

If you’ve ever used a standard blender jar, you know it can be a pain to clean – especially around the grooves and under the blade. Blendtec’s flat-sided jars aren’t just superstars at blending. They’re also super easy to clean!

The flat sides make it simple to scrape out remaining ingredients, and the broad single-blade design allows you to get underneath the blade for any remaining particles. No disassembly required—plus, Blendtec jars are dishwasher safe.

Wenige Dinge sind einfacher als die Reinigung eines Blendtec Behälters


Few things are simpler than cleaning a Blendtec jar.



Only Blendtec’s blades can harness the awesome power of a Blendtec motor.

Feature #6: A Bigger, Stronger Blade

Blendtec’s incredible blenders are known for their power. If you’re not familiar with Blendtec’s raw power, just watch any Will It Blend? video, and you’ll see what I mean. But if a powerful motor is the heart of every Blendtec blender, then the jar is the soul.

A Blendtec motor’s awesome power would be wasted on a wimpy blade. To handle the immense power, the blade needs to be bigger, thicker, and more robust than other blender blades. Our jars come equipped with ultrahard stainless steel blades that are cold-forged and tuned for heavy use. These blades resist corrosion much better than lesser blades.

One of the reasons Blendtec blades can pulverise just about anything is that their patented vertical wingtips and precision angles transfer more power than other blades. Plus, the distinct single-blade design allows your ingredients to fall easily in front of and behind the blade, rather than pushing ingredients away from the blending vortex.

Feature #7: Safe to Use, Easy to Read

Blendtec jars are made from durable Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. The jars are also BPA free and certified to the NSF standard for food safety in the kitchen. Plus, the material is uniquely formulated for an extra-long life.

Additionally, high-contrast, easy-to-read measuring marks (for cups, ounces, milliliters, and centiliters) are included on Blendtec’s jars to help you add just the right amounts of ingredients

jar 001


Blendtec jars are safe, strong, and super easy to use.

Blendtec's FourSide und WildSide Behälter sind stapelbar, platzsparend und machen das Verstauen zum Kinderspiel


Blendtec’s FourSide and WildSide+ jars are stackable, saving space and making storage a snap.

Feature #8: Easy to Stack, Easy to Store

Blendtec jars are designed to be stackable, making storage a snap. We initially offered our stackable jars to the commercial market, where counter space is tremendously valuable. But we recognised that home users also value their counter space, so we introduced our space-saving jars in our consumer packages.

We also discovered that stacked jars can get wedged together so tightly that they are hard to separate. So we added “winglets” to the outside corners of our jars, which prevents wedging and ensures you can separate your jars easily, every time.

Feature #9: Steel-on-Steel Power

In a Blendtec blender, the power is transferred directly from the motor to the blade. All the intervening parts are steel and machined for a precision fit. This steel-on-steel approach results in lower vibration, reduced noise, and increased reliability.

Ein typischer Mixer Motor mit einer Plastikbruchkupplung, welche die Kraftübertragung vom Motor begrenzt und die Lebensdauer der Behälter reduziert.
Blendtec's Stahl-auf-Stahl-Antriebsstrang ist zuverlässig, hält lange und kann große Lasten auf die Klinge übertragen.

In nearly all other blenders, the power goes from the motor through a breakable plastic coupling. The coupling is designed to break if the motor overloads, in order to protect the motor. Unfortunately, this design also limits blending power and decreases the life of the coupling.

A Blendtec blender, on the other hand, automatically detects an overload condition and shuts down, eliminating the need for a breakable plastic coupling.

Have you ever noticed whether your blender has a breakable plastic coupling? If so, now you know why!



Blendtec jars have vented gripper lids, allowing hot air to escape and making it easy to add ingredients mid-blend.

Feature #10: The Lid That Doesn’t Get in the Way

A lid needs to do much more than just keep the blend inside the jar, particularly when it comes to blending hot soups, when heated air creates pressure against the sealed lid. So we created a removable vent to allow the steam to escape while blending.

And then we thought, “If the vent lets steam come out, why can’t the vent also let ingredients to come in?” So we added openings that do just that.

Now you can add ingredients on the fly without even removing the lid.

It’s the ultimate convenience!