Blendtec Commercial Repair Enquiry Form

Once you’ve submitted the completed form below, Beyond the Bean aim to get back to you within 1 working day to arrange the next steps.  This form is sent to Beyond the Bean (Bristol) whose Blendtec repair team will handle your repair.  If you have an out of warranty repair or you are located near Nottingham, you can also opt to use LUBA Distribution for your repair.

If you own a Blendtec household blender, please go to this form here instead: Household Units.

Quick Info:
1) The warranty on jars & sound enclosure is 1 year.
2) The warranty for the EZ 600 and Chef 600 is 1 year parts and labour
3) The warranty terms for all other commercial units is 1 year labour and 3 year parts from date of purchase.
4) If your jar is damaged, then chances are your motor base is still perfectly fine.  We recommend replacing the jar to see if this resolves the issue.
5) If your unit does not power on at all and the LCD won’t switch on either, please replace the fuse on the plug before filling out this form. Check out this video here: Fuse replacement
6) We are aware that often without your Blendtec blender in operation revenue is lost and customers might go elsewhere.  As such we aim to repair all units as a matter of urgency and use next day delivery services for collection & dispatch.