Jar Replacement Request Form


Special Offer: Upgrade your blender for a good cause

In 2015, Blendtec made massive changes to the jars & motor resulting in quieter, cooler and better performing blenders. Some even feature touch screens or are ultra-silent.
If you wish to upgrade, simply purchase a new unit in our store and mention the upgrade in the checkout comments or afterwards via e-mail to be eligible for a partial refund. We'll post you your new Blendtec blender as well as a pre-paid shipping label for your old blender. Your old unit together with a new jar will will be donated to one of our charitable causes such as food banks or to children in low income households that have permanent feeding tubes. No matter what Blendtec blender you currently have, once we receive it we’ll refund you the below amount based on your newly purchased model being:

£ 150 discount on a new Professional 800
£ 125 discount on a new Designer 725 & Professional 750
£ 100 discount on a new Designer 650Designer 625 and Total Blender
£ 75 discount on a new Classic 575
PLUS 20% on any jars and accessories you purchased at the same time.


Jar Replacement Request Form

We aim to process your warranty request form within just a few hours.  Please note that COVID-19 may impact processing & shipping times slightly.  We know making a warranty claim is probably not on the top of your bucket-list so we try to make it as simple as possible. In most cases no original invoice is needed. Our desire to be miles ahead of the competition when it comes to quality as well as after-sales service & and especially customer satisfaction.  Please note that most Blendtec blenders built before 2015 only came with a 1 year warranty, such as the HP3A Home Blender. If you are uncertain of your warranty eligibility, simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you swiftly. If a jar replacement is necessary, we will replace only the jar body itself without the lid to reduce waste. Defective jars will always be replaced like for like and we cannot send a different jar to the one that is defective.

Commercial Blenders: Commercial Blendtec blender jars have a 1-year warranty.