If you do mostly take-away business, then blending directly in the customer’s plastic take-away cup (and thus saving thousands of £££ in ingredients and time) might make it easy to go for the Stealth 895 Nitro.  But what about all other types of business?…

how does one choose the perfect blender for the job?

Price is one thing, and we’ve got a great ‘business case calculator‘ where you can see how quickly you could be recouping your investment.  Customers however don’t care how much you spent on a blender or how many days it took to pay off; what customers care about is getting value for their money which means getting the perfect taste and consistency for the price they paid every time.  It’s easy to sell a smoothie to a new customer, but it’s far harder to get that customer to come back for more. That’s where Blendtec commercial blenders shine and help get you towards the highest percentage of repeat customers in the industry.

All our commercial blenders can crush ice and pulverise other hard ingredients with ease.  Let’s start from our entry models and work our way up to the models you see in hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide and famously in many of the largest chains out there.

Entry Level

SpaceSaver 825 incl. 1 FourSide Jar


The Space Saver 825 is a workhorse built with longevity in mind. It’s powerful and durable enough to stand up to heavy daily use, making it perfect for high-volume shops.

The Space Saver 825 comes with 5 programmable buttons + pulse button.  As standard, each button is set to one of the 5 most popular blending programmes. With just a few clicks in the menu you can change what these buttons do to better suit your business.  All mid- and ultimate-range machines have 42 blending programmes to choose from such as small milkshake, medium thick milkshake, large smoothie, Iced Coffee etc.  These blending programmes change the blending speeds automatically based on your requirements and turn off automatically after a pre-set time. No more staff waiting by the blender to run it again or to finish it early.  You simply set it so that the staff member presses the button and comes back when the blend has completed automatically – exactly to your liking.  To top it all off, you can use our free online tool to easily create your own blending programmes and instal them onto the blender should the 42 options not do it for you.  This functionality is ideal for chains to ensure the blender creates the perfect blend for the recipe, rather than adapting the recipe to the blender.

This blender is ideal when used in the back of the house, away from customers, where noise is not an issue.  The Space Saver 825 and upward are also the ideal choice for milkshake bars.

– Each button can be programmed to your liking




The Connoisseur 825 Commercial Blender is identical to the Space Saver 825, but comes with a wider base with sound dampening material inside as well as a sound enclosure.  As such it easily copes with high daily demands and is ideal for high-turnover businesses. Anyone looking for a relatively quiet, reliable commercial blender will find it here.

As it is relatively quiet, this unit is ideal when used in larger spaces where customers are in line of sight of the blender but not too confined such as in a small cafe.

– Identical to Space Saver 825, but with sound dampening bottom housing and sound enclosure to reduce noise.



Blendtec Stealth 885

The ‘bulletproof’ sound enclosure, swinging motor, optimised airflow and further sound dampening materials in the base make the Stealth 885 Commercial Blender the quietest commercial blender in the world.  With the Stealth 885 you create a peaceful environment for your customers without sacrificing performance, even in small confined cafés.  Also ideal for take-away business as you can take orders over the phone right next to the blender without it being a nuisance on the phone.  Noise can impact employees negatively, causing fatigue, stress and communication problems, so upgrading to a Stealth blender in the back of the house can help boost job satisfaction and morale and help reduce staff turnover.

Blendtec Stealth 885 incl. 2 FourSide Jars

Blendtec stealth 895 Nitro

The Stealth 895 Nitro Commercial Blender is identical to the Stealth 885, apart from that it is ALSO compatible with our Nitro Blending System.  You can blend in a jar, or you can blend directly in your customer’s disposable or re-usable take-away cup.  This saves time and has the potential to save tens of thousands of Euros/pounds sterling in ingredients.  See our savings calculator here.

Stealth 895 Nitro incl. 2 Micronisers

Questions about Blendtec Commercial Blender?

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