Long before “Will it Blend” took YouTube over by storm in 2006, inventor Tom Dickson processed wood into sawdust to test how much resistance his Blendtec blenders can withstand and to continuously improve his design.

After all these years, Tom is still blending everything he gets between his fingers.

It all started with the inventor Tom Dickson stuffing wooden blocks, broomsticks, and other things into the blenders to check and improve the quality of the components. The newly appointed marketing manager had seen this by chance and was so enthusiastic that he wanted to share these tests via YouTube with the customers. Tom gave him a $ 50 budget to demonstrate what the Blendtec blenders are capable of. The reaction to the first videos with a wooden broom, half a chicken (including bones), marbles and a few golf balls was phenomenal. Blendtec overnight became a YouTube sensation with over 6 million views in just 5 days. There were thousands of inquiries about what should be tried next to see what else the Blendtec blenders could crush. After tens of thousands of requests, Tom got his fingers on the Apple iPhone. Mixing a device made from metal in a household blender was unimaginable for everyone. Millions of users have been amazed how the Blendtec turned the iPhone into dust. YouTube fans had then debated how big a container would need to be to mix an iPad – Tom came up with a different solution and quickly demonstrated the extreme resilience of the motor block housing – the iPad video quickly became Blendtec’s most famous video ever.


See below for a few videos!

Here is the link to the official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/Blendtec