Business Case Calculator

If you are thinking about investing in a new commercial grade blender it is useful to see how the right choice will boost your business’ profitability.

When you see how quickly the unit pays for itself, what becomes most important for profitability is how to increase sales & more importantly repeat-sales.  Repeat business is not created by adapting the recipe to a blender, but adapting the blender to the perfect recipe.  From our mid-range (£850+) blenders upwards, all our units are fully customisable.  If you think your drink recipe needs a few more seconds or needs to run at different speeds before the machine stops automatically, then simply assign a different blend cycle to one of the buttons. Or even better, create a custom profile yourself online using our Blendtec BlendWizard.  This way you get consistent results that will ensure customers experience value for money and are sure to return.  Nearly all Blendtec commercial blender sales are a result of recommendations by existing Blendtec owners which is probably how you heard about us.  We believe after sales support is as value as the machine itself, so please get in touch with your Blendtec reseller or with us when purchased directly if there is anything we can assist with in making your experience even better.

Financials are important and especially when multiple people are involved in the decision making, feel free to use the below profitability calculator to help you make a business case for investing in a new Blendtec commercial blender.  For the vast majority of businesses, selling just four drinks per day as a side business will pay for a Stealth 885 in full within just 6 months, while high volume smoothie bars frequently see a return on investment in less than 1 week.