Blendtec Cycle Conversions

What if my blender doesn’t have the Batters cycle? I don’t see a Whole Juice button on my Blendtec – what speed should I use? If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone.

Our Fresh Blends Recipe Book and many of the recipes on our website were created specifically for the Total Blender Classic Series, which has 6 preprogrammed blend cycles, manual speed up & speed down controls, and a pulse button. Since then, many new Blendtec models have been created and they don’t all have the same options. However, they all have the same capabilities!


Designer725 Interface

Designer 725 Interface


Blend on a Medium speed for 40-50 seconds.


Blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30 seconds.


Blend on a Low speed for 15 seconds, then blend on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 30 seconds.


Blend on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 50-60 seconds.


Blend on a High speed for 90-180 seconds, blending longer for hotter soup.


Blend for 10-20 seconds, starting at a low speed and gradually increasing to a high speed, then decreasing again before stopping.


Blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30-40 seconds. Keep an eye on it as to not over- or under-blend.


*These cycles are meant to be guides. You may want to blend less or more depending on the consistency you’re looking for (and the ingredients you’re using).